We have many years service of trading with local farmers. Over the years we have built up an extremely good rapport with our existing farmers. We always welcome new members to our family run business. Our door is always open for coffee/tea and biscuits!

As we all know the market is very volatile. Advice is always on hand with our main trader Matthew Cox on which way to head when discussing the current trade prices. Many of our long serving farmers often rely on Matthew’s expert advice and a chat to bounce off ideas on how the market may or may not go!

We always pop out to see our farmers who are interested in selling their grain and pick up a sample. This is then taken back to our onsite laboratory to test. That way we can see the results of the grain quickly and update our farmersĀ on which way to proceed.



Due to having our own testing facilities, we are able to quickly establish the grade of the grain. As a result this indicates whether it is suitable for the Food or Feed chain. We are then able to offer our consumers the best quality for their needs.

Our TASCC Assurance enables a good traceability of our product and having our own haulage ensures consumers receive their product when they need it.

We have good working relations with our consumers who rely on us for good quality grain delivered to their door at a time that suits.