The transport arm of our operation is a major part of our business and we take great pride in our HGV’s. We have a Standard National Operators Licence to cover both moving our own produce or doing road haulage. This enables us to economise in terms of back loading.

With 5 DAF and 1 Volvo articulated units, each carrying in the region of 29 tonnes per load. Our own transport is capable of hauling 3000+ tonnes per week within the East Midlands area. We treat the transport side of our operation very seriously. Maintenance and cleanliness are a top priority.  An excellent cleaning regime enables us to conform to our obligations, towards grain trade assurance requirements (TASCC).

We recognise that our staff who drive and operate our grain trucks are in the front line as far as customer relations are concerned. Most of all our highly qualified and experienced staff can be relied upon to look after your interests during transportation. As a result our goods arrive safe and sound.

Furthermore economics have dictated many changes in our industry over the years. Farms are getting bigger and the Merchanting Trade is getting smaller. Our aim is to remain competitive in a true and level market situation.